Now everyone of you ,at sometime or other in your life might have amused about washing your phone and by washing i really mean washing it.

a new smartphone named Digno Rafre has now set new grounds for as far as durability is concerned. The handset as per its creators - KDDI and Kyocera , can be washed with soap.

There is always a stain or something on our smartphones that won't disappear,now maybe this news will be helping,just need to change your phone. If cold water's not helping you can try your luck with hot water too as it is also rated for hot water resistance at 43-degrees Celsius. The smartphone is IP58-rated and features a self-healing rear panel, which we have already seen in LG G Flex smartphones and not only this it is also shock proof,we might be looking at Volvo of smartphones .

glass protection is Dragon trail X glass coating.It is available in Coral Pink, Cashmere White, and Marin Navy, the Digno Rafre will launch on December 11 in Japan priced at JPY 57,420 (roughly Rs. 32.300)
Other specifications of phone are :-

5-inch TFT LCD display with HD (720x1280 pixels) resolution
microSD card slot (up to 128GB) for expanding the 16GB inbuilt storage
13-megapixel rear camera
3000mAh battery
4G LTE connectivity, WiMAX plus VoLTE along with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.1, and USB connectivity

Full specification list should be out when the handset releases.


Deep web. What is deep web?

According to Guardian,webpages you actually have access to through browsers like Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox etc. comprises only 0.03% of internet,now the rest is what is left is called Deep web.

Sites you see on search engines search lists are indexed by search engines and if you didn't get your site indexed by a search engine you'll eventually end up as part of deep web.

The deep web is truly anonymous and to get on it, you yourself needs to be anonymous too.

To access deep web you can't rely on normal web browsers like chrome or Firefox,what you need is a deep web browser like Tor and this is the only trusted deep web browser. more and more people are turning to the deep web to get their internet fix and protect their information,now this is because these browsers protects your anonymity, your location and your browsing behavior.

In a deep browser you need to input the site's URL ,hit enter and you'll be transported to the site,just like the mainstream web browsers differing from the fact that this time you'll be looking for sites in deep web.There both the provider and user are anonymous and difficult to trace as generally all are  domains.

Why is deep web so hidden and least known by people?

The answer to this is deep web is full of illegal sites, illegal transactions or buying done can get you in jail.

deep web contains few sites from which drugs and chemicals whose purchase is deemed illegal are put up for buying.

Every move of a user is monitored by higher governmental authorities on deep web and one slight mistake can get you in a lot of trouble,also since on deep web the user and provider are anonymous to each other ,it serves as an advantage to scamsters, so be aware of scamsters on deep web.

but if you stay away from all of that then you’ll find some interesting stuff on the deep web that you would never find on the public world wide web.


digital markting tips

What is online video marketing? why is everyone looking to it as the big window to the brighter future? why do we even need to use it? what changes will it bring?  what do we need to get onto that?

Let's take all that easy and one by one.

starting from what is online video marketing,google is working ahead with in- SERP video advertising ,which is a quite similar move to the auto play videos you've been watching for sometime on Facebook and twitter.

You may have come across video ads,auto play videos and all that stuff,now that is what is referred as online video marketing.

It is looked upon as a big window to the brighter future for small/large and more generally all scale companies.

Let's break the word online video marketing in 3 different and separated words,online-video-marketing. firstly,it needs to be online,everyone's connected through internet and it acts as a world wide platform so by using it you actually maximize the reach of the thing you are putting up.

Video,it needs to be a video as people grasp things more properly when it is visual form or the form which fantasizes them the most which is video format and we all are familiar with that. Being video,a lot of creativity can be used upon it making people  ore enthusiast about it.

lastly marketing , now putting up a video online for customers to watch is and will be used by companies all around the globe for marketing and creating goodwill among their customers and non customers too as people are more acceptable of ads they watch on trustable platforms rather than some unknown place or watching it on television or listening to it on a radio and that is why online video marketing needs to be considered as trend for the rise of companies.

Now this fact also answers the question why do we need to use it,don't we all look for profits even in our slightest transactions?

what changes will it bring?

according to a report by Cisco,by 2017 , video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic.Leafing through a swathe of statistics on the subject, I'm hard pressed to find any indicator that doesn't suggest rapid growth.

Now,if you too are interested in online video marketing for your company/startup or whatever you may like to keep these points in mind for the video.
  1. The video must be creative and ensure interest of viewer in the particular subject.
  2. The video must be easy to digest and to the point only,no one likes to waste too much of their time.
  3. The video must cover all necessary points about the topic,keeping in mind all the trust issues of viewer.
Video is the future of online marketing and statistics show the future of online vikdeo marketing is just at our gate ,knocking and i don't get how anybody can't see this.


Nokia,the brand we all used to look for every time the topic changed to mobile phones. Nokia had it's own charm,the quality of mobile phones,features and what not,but soon after Android phones took over and cultivated their own market in which Nokia somewhere lost it's name.

Nokia came back with Lumia phones ,powered by windows but they didn't stand a chance against Android and iOS and they too failed.

But guess what?

Maybe this time Nokia will come back with a bang with it's new mobile.

A new image of Nokia c1 has been uploaded on internet with some rumored specifications from the  source which provided the information that the Mobil will be available in two variants, one that'll run on windows 10 Mobile and other having an Android OS.

This new image displays the rumored Nokia c1 with it's Z launcher running on Android operating system. The handset could be seen in grey,white and peach colour.

The source also explained that the handset may be available in two different size versions.

The first size version may be 5 inches full HD(1980x1080) resolution display while the other could be 5.5inches full HD resolution display.

Both the phones are expected to have different camera setups.

The larger variant will be having 3GB RAM with 64GB inbuilt storage, 13MP rear camera with 5MP front facing camera while the 5 inch screen variant will be having 2GB RAM with 32 GB inbuilt storage,8MP rear camera with 5MP front facing camera.

It took Nokia so long to be back in the business that it has been rumored that the company replaced the original hardware design of c1 with a better one meanwhile.

Unfortunately Nokia can't use it's brand on it's smartphones until 4th quarter of 2016 because of the acquisition of its devices and services by Microsoft.


Technical updates
Microsoft Lumia,the phones that went extinct,maybe because they weren't competitive against Android and iOS may now come back in business and that too as a strong competitor.

Microsoft is expected to come back with a bang with Lumia 950 XL. It is not yet available in market but can be preordered from Lumia's website
First,let's take a look at what it has to flaunt about
  • 5.7” Quad HD AMOLED (2560 x 1440)
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 810 processor (2 Ghz Octa Core)
  • 518 ppi Pixel density
  • Adreno 430 GPU
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 20 MP sensor Triple LED natural flash, ZEISS optics
  • Corning Gorilla glass 4
Apart from these basic specifications , cortona (windows assistant) will provide you with relevant, helpful information when you need it most by learning more about your daily routine and activities.

New Lumia 950 XL comes with windows hello(beta) which is more like a face detection unlock mechanism,you look directly at the screen and some infra-red camera technology automatically authenticates you,the good point is It even works in the dark.

Onedrrive storage is more like same it used to be ,providing same functionalities. no significant functionality changes brought.

Now,the feature of this phone that completely set it apart from other phones and the feature i personally assume to be the best is Windows continuum.You just need to connect your phone to Microsoft display dock ,which is sold separate and connect an external monitor to it and whoa your phone transforms into a complete desktop version of windows 10. mouse and keyboard can be connected ,else your phone can be used as a track pad.Few apps have been specially scaled for PC and vice versa.

This phone is pored by a 3340mAh battery,which is pretty awesome,also it has USB type C port which supports faster charging and data synchronization.

It is priced at Rs. 49,399 and the design is pretty much basic and consistent with the design methodology olf previous lumia phones,which may become a cause of people not buying it that much but as far as i'm concerned i'd like to go with the quote,it's what inside that matters the most.

Prevention is better than being Hacked

current techncal updates

As the information technology industry is growing at a rate never seen before there are ever increasing attacks being faced each hour.

Wikipedia explains web security efficiently , it is a branch of Information security that deals specifically with security of websites,web applications and web services. At a higher lever,web application security draws on the principles of application security but applies them specifically to Internet and Web systems.

Usually,mistakes of site administrator are used by hackers to gain access for their malicious purposes.
So,here i compile a list of 3 most 'popular' mistakes people generally do and how to prevent them from happening because prevention is always better than cure.

1. Injection flaw

Injection flaws generally occur by not filtering untrusted data and passing it to server or browser leading to hijacking of client's browser.

Anything you receives from untrusted sources must be filtered, preferably according to a white list.
Prevention : Each and every input must be filtered before processing,not a single input should slip by.
filtering every input is not as easy as it sounds so you should go with  framework’s filtering functions as they are proven to work and are completely scrutinized.

2. Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

This is like a more special case of injection as in this type of attack,attacker provides java script tags on input to the web application.

When this input is returned back to user , user's browser will execute it. Now this is a much sinister attack for example it can provide your cookies to the attacker.

Prevention : This can be prevented by not returning HTML tags to client. This has an added benefit of prevention against HTML injection too.
website hacked recover tips

 3. Insecure Direct Object References

In this the attacker can provide this reference and, if authorization is either not enforced or is broken, the attacker can access or do things that he shouldn't be allowed to.

Attacker can get access to various files and database just by formatting a line of code/URL and providing direct reference to what he want to access/obtain.

Prevention : User authorization must be performed properly and choices must be white list. Generally,the whole problem can be avoided by storing data internally , Session variables in most frameworks are well suited for this.

5 Features of Android not known to everyone.

Edu tech updates

Now this is for all android users out there, this topic gets everybody excited. Everybody wants to know what their phones are capable of so not wasting time,here is the list :-

1. you can get a list of all the apps you've installed from your google id,doesn't matter if you've uninstalled them or have changed your phone.

To see that tap on the three lines on the Google search bar in Play store.
There you will find the ‘My apps’ section under the ‘Apps and games’. Tap on it to see the list.
You can also do that by using third party applications but this way is much better ,and do not use up extra storage on your phone.

2. We all have our own privacy and need to lock our phone with pass-codes or pattern locks but to input passcodes even at places where you feel safe about your personal data(like at home) can be a tedious task so, to avoid that you can set up your setting such that your phone automatically gets unlocked at the places you want to.  you can use the ‘Smart lock’ feature (with Android 5.0 and above) .
you just need to go to settings->security
There you will find the ‘smart lock’ feature. Tap on it to set up the ‘Trusted places’ where you don’t want to type a pass-code every time to unlock your Android smartphone.

3. For all those people who clears their notifications from notification panel mistakenly and then regret is,this trick will work miraculously.

Add settings shortcut to your home screen,it will open a menu from which you can select notification log option which will provide you with all the notification you needed in first place.

4. We all have went through the situation of misplacing our phone when it's on silent mode. Calling it doesn't work,being on silent so,what should we do?

you can use 'Android device manager' for that purpose. Open a browser and type ‘Find my phone’ through Android device manage,you'll be asked to enter your google ID(use the same ID you have used on your stolen or misplaced device) . From there you can select to ring,lock or erase as per your requirement.

5. We do not want someone to read our notification, Whatsapp messages when we are around or not around our smartphone.

For this we can restrict what notifications to show and what not. you just need to go to sound and notifications in settings menu and tap on ‘When device is unlocked’

You can then choose to display or hide specific content in the notifications.